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Our youth team connects with our teenagers and staffs our youth events. They work with our student pastor to make sure events are packed with fun and real relationships are built.


Our logistics team members are the first to arrive and the last to leave. They transport our equipment and do initial setup so our teams have what they need to fully prepare for each week.


The production team makes sure our worship experiences are presented with the most effective technology. They use tools like Ableton Live for automation and ProPresenter for media presentations.


Our music team specializes in various instruments and vocal styles to bring the incredible music we get to experience each week. They bring our focus to God and how great He is.


Our kids team makes sure we have safe, friendly environments available for the children at City Church. They share the love of Christ in a way that is applicable to the age group they are …

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First Impressions

Our First Impressions team welcomes our guests and makes sure that they feel confident at our events. They understand the value of each person and treat them as our honored guest.


The creative team produces video, graphic art, and audio that helps communicate our message and identify our brand.


Our prayer team specializes in praying for our faith community and the people we encounter. They are active in meeting those in need to pray with them and help them find spiritual assurance.


Our care team takes the responsibility to care for those in need. They actively visit those in the hospital and find ways to partner with community organizations to help those who are struggling to make it.


The administrative team specializes in attention to detail. They make sure nothing gets lost in our fast pace. Duties include bookkeeping, scheduling, appointment management, etc.